Sound Bites Derby

Sound Bites is more than just a shop! Sound Bites is a Worker's Co-op with open membership. Sound Bites will actively work for positive social change. As an ethical food business, we may be involved in various boycotts and campaigns. Our position on each will be decided case by case. We continually check that suppliers and products still meet with our ethical criteria. As far as possible, we do not trade with companies involved in environmentally damaging or socially irresponsible practices or in animal exploitation.We provide information boards which local campaigning groups can use to publicise their events and campaigns. Sound Bites increases the accessibility of ethically sourced food and goods in Derby. We are a catalyst for increased consumer support of socially and environmentally responsible producers and distributors.The shop makes it easier for people to access foods, which are one or more of the following: Organic Fairly Traded Cruelty Free Locally Produced Low in Packaging Sound Bites will sell healthy wholesome food, namely: Non GM Organic wherever possible. Low in added sugar salt and fats. Minimum processing / refinement. No unnecessary additives. Sound Bites is a vegan organisation. This means that we do not sell any animal products, or goods which contain animal products. Nor do we stock toiletries and cleaning products, which have been tested on animals. Sound Bites will only sell fresh produce which is certified organic or in conversion. Exceptions may only be made to support local producers, who may not be certified but do use ecologically sound methods. All other food items will also as much as possible be organic, local or fair trade.

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