Shake It Up - The Protein Smoothie Company

Our Story: Shake it up was founded on a simple goal, meet all of your daily Macro needs. Your diet creates a huge part of achieving your fitness goals, which is why when you have any kind of fitness goal, eating and drinking becomes life. We (like many out there) were sick of cramming in meal after meal and drinking plain, watery powdered protein shakes every day to ensure we were reaching our daily macro needs. We decided its time to SHAKE IT UP! Each of our shakes have been designed to not only taste great but to be a helping hand in achieving your daily macro needs. With a variety of flavours, our shakes each have a different macro break down and can be fitted in to almost any diet to get you to your goals every day. So if you're a gym head on the bulk, we got you! Slimming down for summer? We got you! Vegan and trying to get in more protein, We Got You! Its time to SHAKE IT UP!

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