Raw Spirit Chocolate Company

Raw Spirit Chocolate Company is a boutique raw vegan chocolate producer with a mission to offer only the most quality products created with lots of passion, love and the best ingredients in the world. What we strive for is to provide our customers with raw chocolate bars that are еxclusively delicious and healthy at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy the real flavour of the cacao. We have different variations mixed with superfoods like lemon, mulberries, and pomegranate to make sure that tasty always go hand in hand with healthy. The unique ingredients and most excellent quality Criollo beans we use for the production of our dark chocolates make them the perfect choice for everyone who is looking for a sweet temptation. Whether you are a maniac about the wholesome lifestyle, a professional athlete or someone who needs a quick burst of energy and concentration during your work Raw Spirit Chocolates can be the key to better productivity while staying healthy. At Raw Spirit Chocolate Company we also sell raw vegan chocolate making ingredients like organic dried pomegranate seeds and raw cacao nibs so you can start preparing delicious raw bars by yourself at home. Last but not least, we genuinely care about the children's poverty around the world and 3% of our total revenue is donated to UNICEF so with every bought chocolate you are directly making a kid happier. Come and join the journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle with Raw Spirit Chocolate Company today.

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