Prodigy Snacks

"Better for You"​ Sweet Snacking Business aimed at delivering tasty indulgent treats that are actually nutritious for you. Prodigy Snacks Limited has been started by Sameer Vaswani, a Food Entrepreneur with 22 years experience in various sectors of the food industry. Chocolate that changes everything. We’ve defined the seemingly impossible. With an intense mastery of good sugars and a craft that bends convention. Refined sugars and energy slumps are out and nutrient rich ingredients are in - all without compromising everything that you love about chocolate. Prodigy heralds a natural revolution in snacking. Because we believe this generation and the next deserve better. Health and taste without sacrifice, goodness as the norm. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Vegan-approved. Refined sugar-free. Plastic-free.

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