"Cos we make the best Pizzas in town, that's why!" We are proud to be the Number 1 Pizza Place in Southampton. Our Success? The secret is in our home made traditional matured dough. No additives, chemicals or preservatives! We bring you the Italian art of Pizza making. Honest great food to be shared with Family & Friends. We believe in inclusive dinning so that everyone can love our pizzas, which is why we have the best range of Meat, Veg & Vegan Pizzas in town! Ingredients are key, that's why we import the very best from Italy. Our Sweet Italian Tomatoes come from Rega & Our Fior Di Latte Creamy Mozzarella from Naples. Ask us what your first pizza should be? Try not fall in love with the simplicity of a Margarita! We belive that food should not only taste great but it should also do great things, this is why we created POPSI'S Principles. As a local independent business we want to help our community!

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