We seek out the most nutritious whole foods on the planet, abundant in nutrients your body needs to thrive, and use them in delicious ways to provide long lasting energy! #getyourperkyon PERK!ER is young, fast growth British company; our name is a mashup of our founders surnames, Perkins and Turner :o) - Crafted with care our delicious Quinoa bars & Sprouted Grain Oaty bars use only the finest ingredients including Cacao, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries. With a unique taste & texture they provide more health benefits than any other snack bar in the UK; including nutritious slow release energy, high fibre, +5g protein, rich in antioxidant Vit E, omega 3.. and many other valuable vits and minerals! Yay! - PERK!ER Oaty Quinoa Porridge pots are great for on the go, just add hot water and they’re ready to munch! Packed with goodness, they provide slow release energy, 10g protein per pot, are high in fibre & have 50% less sugar than competitor brands! -Our range is vegan, gluten & dairy free and contains NO palm oil. We are achieving fantastic growth! - Secured listings in the top 3 UK retailers: Sainsbury's, ASDA and Morrisons; with growing distribution and range - Secured listings in the top 3 foodservice providers Compass, Bidfood & Brakes + many fantastic family run businesses - Won awards for our products, packaging and innovation - Growing our social media fan base with +47K fans on facebook, instagram and twitter - Gaining fantastic consumer & trade press coverage

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