MYSHROOMS Ltd was incorporated in January 2019 in North West London by Ayelen Martinez. MYSHROOMS was born out of a passion and love for healthy food and natural remedies to today's most common illnesses. Prior to incorporation, Ayelen worked with medicinal mushrooms and herbs to overcome her own health conditions (underactive thyroid, inflammated gut, skin, you name it.!) In 2018 she joined the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she learned over 100 dietary theories in order to improve her own health and eventually help others. Seeing that most snacks in the market negatively affected people's health Ayelen made it her mission to bring together everything she had learned to offer the world snacks that were not only indulgent but that gave our minds and bodies the extra support they need in today's busy and hectic environment. MYSHROOMS is built on the principles of using good quality, ethically and responsibly or locally sourced organic and fair trade ingredients to make delightful products and provide a reliable service. Everything produced in the MYSHROOMS kitchen is vegan and free from gluten and refined sugar. We are based in Northwest London and provide desserts and snacks to direct customers and wholesale clients. The planet is as important as people are to us. That's why we support small producers around the world and reduce plastic wherever possible. We only use biodegradable and compostable packaging and when doable no packaging at all! Get in touch if you'd like to know where to find us or if you are a cafe or office that would like to offer your customers or employees delicious and health-supporting snacks.

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