Mr Organic

In February 2009, Valerio, Kostas and Carlo created Mr Organic with a vision of a positive approach; to every stage of our food production and beyond. For them, organic didn’t just mean food free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, but also a way of living; – with respect and care for the nature and everyone involved in making their wholesome yummy food. And although Mr Organic is a young brand, our story goes back three generations, when Valerio’s grandfather started producing tomatoes in Italy. Valerio later on, saw the pitfalls in using pesticides, and through his passionate belief in organic practice, he devised to convert the family business into a fully organic production. It is there where we began working closely with local farmers to harvest our very own tomatoes for a range of award-winning products. We have been working with the same farmers near our production base in Pontinia just south of Rome, for many years. All our farmers produce only organic tomatoes exclusively for us. We pre-finance the crop and we always guarantee a fair price whilst increasing their production year on year. Having our farms so close also means that only a short journey by tractor brings the tomatoes to our production base, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum and the flavour of our tomatoes intact. In addition, our production base is using 100% renewable energy across the production process. By working closely together in this way, we know how our food is made and can always assure the best quality. For us, building long-lasting, fair relationships with our farmers and producers, means that we know exactly where our food is coming from, ensuring everything is ethically sourced and carefully selected. To this day, we make the most out of the purest of ingredients; showcasing just how important it is to use clean, natural produce. And this ethos goes right across all our product ranges. The result is authentic, fresh-tasting food, bursting with complete, utter goodness.

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