Ella's Body Shop Ltd

NATURAL, VEGAN FRIENDLY, LUXURIOUS BEAUTY / BODY PRODUCTS. _____________________________________________________________________________ Formulated for dry and sensitive skin for guaranteed, softer, sensuously smoother skin. Welcome to the Sanctuary for people who care what they are feeding their skin. .: Natural .. Vegan :. .: Handmade with Love :. Four key words that define Ella's Body Shop. Know exactly what you are putting on that beautiful skin of yours. Welcome to the sanctuary for people who care about their skin and won't accept the debilitating effect of harsh chemicals provided in the industry today. Ella's Body Shop takes into consideration all your woes. We know exactly how nerve wrecking the search for authentic natural products can be. We are here for the tender hearts who value the Divine's creations. Knowing that what you are feeding your skin is; Close to nature, Organic, and Free From all the harshness of Parabens, SLS/ALS, Palm Oil, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Preservatives and Toxic Chemicals, should surround you with a feeling of tranquility. Ella's Body Shop is the product of an enduring personal experience. So, the products we offer are undoubtedly of premium quality. The ingredients of our products are extracted from nature, packed with love and dispatched with care.

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