BBuona Pizza Bar

OUR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS BBuona Pizza Bar is a place that makes Italians feel right at home no matter where they are in the world, and everybody else feel as if they are in Italy, enjoying a real Italian pizza and delicious Italian food & drinks. We have always remained faithful to the flavours and traditions of people who love eating together and regard food as one of the main pleasures in life. THE INGREDIENTS OF OUR UNIQUE FORMULA > Quintessentially Italian: everything we do is designed to recreate the genuine atmosphere of the Bel Paese. In particular, Italians living abroad were really impressed by the ingredients, the menu, the decor, the music, and the warm, sophisticated atmosphere and the friendly vibe. > Quality and fast service: in our eateries we provide bar or table service, and can accommodate both small and large groups. Our kitchens are designed to ensure top quality food in the shortest possible time, in keeping with the way we live our lives today. Take-away and home-delivery services are also available. > Authentic pizzas: pizza is one of the most popular dishes in Italy and abroad, and is at the heart of our brand. This isn't just a pizza, but a real Italian pizza, or rather a Roman-style pizza, with its distinctive oval shape, just like they used to cook in the olden days. > Wholesome food to satisfy all palates: we take great care over the quality and origin of our food-healthy, light ingredients that everyone can enjoy, and also cater for the increasingly influential groups of consumers, such as vegetarians, vegans and those on gluten-free diets. KEYPOINTS > Typical Italian fare and ambience > Quality fast food > Pizza as the main dish > Focus on take-away and home delivery Our mission is to become the leading Italian brand by focusing its offer on authentic products and excellent service. We currently operate from three eateries in the city of Oxford (UK). A new opening in London is expected soon to pursue the development of the brand.

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